The reed diffuser sector is not an exception to the rule that custom packaging is essential to brand identification. Custom reed diffuser boxes are by far the most popular option when it comes to reed diffuser packaging. Brand recognition and product safety aren't the only benefits of having custom reed diffuser boxes made. Because of its prominence in the brand's first interaction with clients, custom reed diffuser boxes must be made with care.

In this post, we'll look at the similarities and differences between kraft, cardboard, and corrugated, three of the most popular options for making custom reed diffuser boxes. We'll go through the benefits and drawbacks of each option so you can choose the right one for your company's image.

Exactly What Are Reed Diffusers?

Let's talk about reed diffusers before we get into the specifics of making your own reed diffuser box. Reed diffusers, which release an aromatic mist into the air, are a popular substitute for candles. Reed diffusers are made out of a container for scented oil and reeds that soak up the oil and release the perfume into the air. Reed diffusers are preferred over candles because of their long-lasting aroma and safety from fire hazards.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Reed Diffusers Packaged Specially?

You can't build a distinct brand identity or promote your items without investing in custom packaging. If you use high-quality packing, your clients will have an enjoyable unwrapping experience that will make them want to buy from you again. An attractive and consistent brand identity may be established with the help of custom reed diffuser packaging.

Reed Diffuser Packaging In Kraft

Reed diffuser packaging made from Kraft paper is a common option. It's a green choice since it's produced from recycled products. Because of its strength and longevity, Kraft paper can shield your goods from damage during transport and storage. Kraft paper is a great option for firms who want to project a natural and earthy feeling due to its earthy hue and textured surface.

However, unlike other materials, kraft paper limits your design options. You're stuck with the standard brown color scheme since that's all that's offered. Furthermore, complicated patterns and high-quality printing are not suited to kraft paper.

Boxes For Reed Diffusers That You Can Personalize

Custom reed diffuser boxes made from cardboard provide a broad variety of customizing choices at a minimal cost. Brands that value expressing their individuality and creativity via their products will appreciate the wide range of options in terms of color and finish. Cardboard is a strong and resilient material that may be used to safely transport your goods.

Custom reed diffuser boxes made from cardboard aren't as eco-friendly as those made from kraft paper. Producing cardboard, which is created from wood pulp, takes more time, energy, and materials. Not only that, but there may be too many design alternatives to pick the one that best represents your company's identity.

Cardboard Reed Diffuser Packaging

The best choice for shipping reed diffusers is in a custom-made corrugated box. The three-layer construction offers superior protection for your goods. Depending on the size and weight of your goods, you may choose from a wide range of corrugated box thicknesses and sizes.

Corrugated custom reed diffuser boxes, although functional, lack the visual appeal of other materials. Because of their often dark hue and rough texture, they are less appealing to the eye.